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Hyperlocal - Become a host

Hyperlocal is an exclusive network of the world's top tour organizers and and travel creators. We carefully handpick hosts which can provide exceptional track-record, unique itinerary, and quality service. Apply now.

Host with Hyperlocal

Note: We’re pausing new applications—for now. We’ll be back soon. If you have an invitation please contact us.

Join the top network of tour organizers and hospitality businesses.

Hyperlocal relies on PrioHub to offer hundreds of the most popular, and reputable tourist activities in the UAE.


Hyperlocal X Priohub

Dubai attractions

Designer Amah Ayivi, is currently hosting a series of more than 10 different tours and trips across Paris and Togo, Africa.

Amah Ayivi 

Hyperlocal X Marché Noir Lome Paris, Amah Ayivi

Fashion tours & trips

One of the leading providers of desert safaris, Musk tours, uses Hyperlocal to reach thousands of travellers in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

Musk Tours

Hyperlocal X Musk Tours Dubai Desert Safari

Desert safari tours

In May 2023, Sandglow hosted the 'Borneo Tribute' off-road trip on Hyperlocal- with 130 travellers from 6 different countries.


Hyperlocal X Sandglow Off-road tour

Offroad tours

Inlife is Hyperlocal's housing partner for Sabbatical, hosting hundreds of properties across Portugal, Italy, and Spain.

Inlife Housing

Hyperlocal X Inlife Housing

Monthly stays

The renowned lake lodge in Guatemala hosts with Hyperlocal - offering wellness and art experiences across Guatemala.

Wachalal Lake Lodge

Hyperlocal X Wachalal Lake Lodge

Wellness experiences

The leading cultural tour organizer in Central America- Etnica, hosts their local trips and tours in the region with Hyperlocal.


Hyperlocal X Etnica Guatemala

Cultural tours and trips

Dubbed as one of the local heroes of Ghana's surfing scene, 'Big Ben' uses Hyperlocal as a platform to host his surfing classes in Busua.

Benjamin Haruna 

Hyperlocal X Benjamin 'Big Ben' Haruna

Surfing classes

Founder Pablo Mature is hosting unique cacao farming and tasting experiences to international travellers with Hyperlocal. 

Cacao Embassy

Hyperlocal X Cacao Embassy

Coffee farm visits

Central America's 2022 best chef, Debora Fadul - hosts gastronomic experiences to international tourists with Hyperlocal.

Chef Debora Fadul

Hyperlocal X Chef Debora Fadul

Gastronomic experience

NAM, Lisbon's very first urban farm- hosts an immersive experience that turns coffee waste into edible mushroom.

NAM Mushrooms

Hyperlocal X NAM Mushrooms

Farming tours

NAM, Lisbon's very first urban farm- hosts an immersive experience that turns coffee waste into edible mushroom.


Hyperlocal X MAWON Brazil

Immigrant city tour

Host multi-days trips

We are always looking for partners to co-create the world's most unique trips. If you are one of them, let's talk. 

Hyperlocal - Become a partner

Host daily-tours

If you currently host day-trips, guided tours, workshops, and more, we'd love to have you onboard. 

Got other ideas?

Let's build something exciting and impactful for the future of travel.

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