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The New York Times: Amah Ayivi & Marche Noir
BBC: Amah Ayivi & Marche Noirmage
Vogue: : Amah Ayivi & Marche Noir
GQ: Amah Ayivi & Marche Noir
Africa is Now: : Amah Ayivi & Marche Noir
CNN: : Amah Ayivi & Marche Noir


Introducing Marché Noir Voyage


A series of trips and experiences promoting sustainable fashion. Hosted by Amah Ayivi, a Togolese-Parisian designer who upcycles global textile waste dumped across Africa. Join us.

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Hyperlocal travel: The Togo Field Trip

The Togo Field Trip

Hyperlocal travel: Paris Fashion Week Experience

Paris Fashion Week Experience

Hyperlocal travel - Abidjan Art & Fashion Trip

Abidjan Art & Fashion Trip

Hyperlocal Travel: Ghana Tour of Artisans

Ghana Tour of Artisans

Accra Festival Trip - Hyperlocal trip

Accra Festival Trip

Ghana Sustainable Fashion Tour - Hyperlocal Travel

Ghana Sustainable Fashion Tour

Benin's Art & Voodoo Culture - Hyperlocal Travel

Kenya Fashion & Afrobeats

Benin's Art & Voodoo Culture - Hyperlocal Travel

Benin's Art & Voodoo Culture

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Massimo Bottura's Guide to Modena


A day with Nadine Kanso in Dubai


Paris fashion scene with Amah Ayivi


Visiting Amal Al Raisi's Muscat hometown

Omani Fashion Designer

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